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If you want to spend a day at an amusement park, Kansas City’s Worlds of Fun is a great option for residents in Missouri and Kansas. Worlds of Fun or Fun World amusement park as many locals call it is located in North Kansas City and is the top KCMO attraction to offer rollercoasters, kid-friendly rides, and more since 1973.

Worlds of Fun

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I recently visited World’s of Fun Kansas City amusement park for the first time with my girlfriend Kailey. She had been to the park a few times and was excited for the big rides like the Prowler, Timberwolf, and especially the log ride as she hadn’t ridden it yet.

Worlds of Fun in Kansas City, Missouri

Worlds of Fun is themed after the Jules Verne novel Around the World in 80 Days. Themed areas of the park include the following continents: Americana, Europa, Africa, Scandinavia, and Orient.

Once inside the park, one of the first things you see is the Africa area. Each one of these areas has rides, food huts, and some restaurants. Within each area, most of the rides and restaurants are named based on the continents.

worlds of fun rides

The Prowler
Photo Courtesy of Worlds of Fun

Worlds of Fun is located on 235 acres and there are 64 rides. Once in the park, we immediately walked to the prowler, which is a wooden roller coaster, one of the two in the park. The Prowler is an exhilarating ride that goes surprisingly fast for a wood coaster. One of my favorite things about the ride was that it was not as bouncy and shaky as most wooden roller coasters I have been on before, making it more enjoyable. 

Lunch at worlds of fun

Pizza stand at Worlds of Fun

We next went to get food at one of the food shacks scattered around the park. I got chicken tenders and fries, while Kailey got a cheeseburger. In my experience at amusement parks, the food is usually extremely overpriced, however, everything on the menu was around $10-$15 for a full meal which by amusement park standards is a bargain in my opinion. 

more rides!

The Spinning Dragons

After lunch, we were fueled up and ready to explore more Worlds of Fun rides. First, we went to a roller coaster called The Spinning Dragons. The ride is basically a roller coaster and spinning teacups compiled into one. So, while you are going up and down, and side to side, your roller coaster car is also spinning. I loved this ride, and aesthetically, it was one of my favorites. 

Next, we went on my absolute personal favorite, The Patriot. The patriot is not your average roller coaster. Instead of sitting in a car with a lap bar like most roller coasters, you sit in a seat with no footrests, so your feet are dangling off the ground the entire ride.

You also have a restraint that goes over your shoulders for you to hold on to, as this roller coaster is a pretty extreme one. The Patriot has 2 full loops on it and 4 inversions, where you go all the way or some of the way upside down. The thrill of this ride, along with the views made it my personal favorite at the park. 

After that exhilarating experience, we decided to go to the Steelhawk, which although the highest ride in the park, is rather soothing. The Steelhawk is a swing ride that goes straight up and lets you see the entire park. It is a resounding 301 feet tall. If you are not afraid of heights, it is a must for Worlds of Fun. 

Second to last we went on the Viking Voyager, which is a water log ride. It follows the normal pace of a log ride, however, it does have a pretty steep drop at one point. It is a great ride to cool down without getting soaked. 

Lastly, we went on the Timber Wolf. The Timber Wolf is a fully wooden roller coaster that goes very fast, especially for being wooden. It is a fantastic ride with a huge thrill factor and although it debuted in 1989, it feels like you could be on a 1950’s amusement park ride. 

Roland and Kailey at Worlds of Fun in Kansas City, Missouri

Overall, Kailey and I had a fantastic time at Worlds of Fun, and loved everything from the thrilling rides, to the food, to the overall theme. Next time you are in Kansas City and have a full day, this is a must-do! 

What’s to Love!

Planet Snoopy at Worlds of Fun

What we love about World’s of Fun amusement park is that it’s not just about coasters. There are plenty of options for kids of all ages, and next door you can enjoy the Oceans of Fun water park during the warmer months. Plus, World’s of Fun offers seasonal events such as Worlds of Fun Halloween Haunt and Worlds of Fun Winterfest for Christmas.

worlds of fun tickets

Regular one-day tickets begin at $29.99 on selected dates. Season passes and memberships are also available.

worlds of fun hours

Worlds of Fun opens for 2022 on Saturday, April 30th. The park will be open Saturdays from 11 AM – 8 PM and Sundays 11 AM – 7 PM.

Check the website for current hours before you visit.

Parking at Worlds of Fun

Driving up to the park, one of the things that surprised me was how simple and easy it was to park. It took no more than 10 minutes from parking the car to entering the amusement park. Single-day parking is $15.

Worlds of Fun Kansas City MO location: 4545 Worlds Of Fun Ave, Kansas City, MO 64161.

hotels near worlds of fun

There are a few hotels by Worlds of Fun that we recommend.

Surestay Plus Hotel By Best Western

Located .03 miles from Worlds of Fun the Surestay Best Western is a great family-friendly option. The hotel has a restaurant, bar & a heated indoor pool, plus a game room.

Check out reviews of Surestay Plus Hotel on TripAdvisor.

SpringHill Suites by Marriott

For a more upscale choice that is just .05 miles from Worlds of fun we recommend the SpringHill Suites by Marriott. This is an all-suite hotel featuring a heated indoor pool & a 24-hour gym, plus breakfast & Wi-Fi.

Check out reviews of SpringHill Suites by Marriott on TripAdvisor.

Worlds of Fun Village

Worlds of Fun Village is located a short walk from the Worlds of Fun Amusement park. Options include fully-equipped RV Sites, Rustic Family Cabins, and Cozy Woodside Cottages rentals.

Check out reviews of Worlds of Fun Village on TripAdvisor.

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