Strange Days Brewing Company Review (Kansas City Brewery)

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Just beyond the downtown area of Kansas City, great beer and a fun time await. In the cool River Market walk streets of KCMO you will find surprisingly great beer and a good time at Strange Days Brewery.

Want a place where you can get craft beer, watch a Tottenham Hotspur Football Club game, hang with some locals and check out some cool art all in one place? Strange Days Brewery has you covered with its eclectic location just steps from the Missouri River.

Strange Days Brewing Company Review

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Strange Days Brewing Company message: “The name is meant to capture the times we are living in. Beer is an outlet for us and the beer community is a great escape from all the other “stuff” going on”.

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What’s Special About Strange Days brewery

There are many great things about Kansas City, but the River Market area has one hidden gem to visit that’s off the regular beaten path; Strange Days Brewery.

Strange Days has a wide array of beers designed to taste great and offer a new twist every season. The beers are good, they all have a completely unique style to them and are very drinkable. The tap area is fun and other areas in the brewery have activities and games for those seeking a bit more than beer.

Strange Days Brewing Co Location

Strange Days Brewing CO is conveniently located in the bustling River Market area is a local’s brewery favorite. Let me tell you more about this quirky and awesome place.

Strange Days just so happens to be located in a building that previously housed a portion of the historic Muehlebach brewery & Schlitz.

This part of town is area is primarily lofts and apartments and has an industrial and historic style to it as well as an energy that is really the overflow for the downtown area. There is a local market and a lot of options for food.

You can walk along the Missouri river, check out the City Market area with the midwest’s largest farmers market. There are even a few upper-level French and Italian dining experiences.

The experience

With walls of aged brick big open industrial sliding doors Strange Days is a cool spot River Market area. If you want to find a new and cool cool place to hang out that is not cramped and has a totally local feel, check it out.

Strange days is the official home bar for the Tottenham Hotspur Supporters Club of Kansas City. Come one, come all, and as always – COME ON YOU SPURS! Meet for this fun club and watch games at Strange Days.

Strange Days mixes up the fun weekly with Trivia night on Thursdays, check the facebook page for updates.

When you walk in there’s a foosball table, a weird array of art and TVs. There are lot’s of unique sitting areas and places to hang out and chat.

There is even a picture of Jesus having a beer and smoking a joint. Or is it Michael Douglas?

There is a to-go cooler you can grab a 6 pack before you leave. It’s stocked with all the latest cool creations from Strange Days Brewery.

Strange Days opened in 2018 in Riverfront are in Kansas City. With a few locations locally carrying their brand, they mainly sell directly to consumers. This is fine by them as they make fairly small batches and need to keep just the right pace for the concentrated location.

All the beers I tried had very little aftertaste but you enable me to clear my pallet for the next one. If you’re looking for a sampler or set of 6 or 12 different beers they don’t do that here, pick the few that you want and you can do half pores. Of course if you’re looking to taste a specific beer they allow that.

About the owners

Trevor Schlag is co owner and lead Brewmaster. Brewing and working the front desk too!

Strange does a bit of everything when it comes to beer making, mixing it up all the time with new flavors and batches. The brewery offers nights for Private Parties, so you can rent the space and have a fun and memorable evening.

With an outdoor picnic area, a big open space for the main tap room, Strange Day’s is a fun quirky and interesting beer experience.

Food options

They offer a few snacks to nibble on such as popcorn and chips. On special occasions, they have a food truck.

My three favorite beers

Looking for a beer that tastes like a Mimosa come on by. What’s it called Cosa Mimosa will quencher thirst for orange juice and a sour beer flavor this is the specialty beer that stood out not really for me but some may really like. My favorites were:

#1 Natty Rice lager

Natty Rice light lager good drinking beer full body.

  • STYLE: Rice Lager
  • COLOR: Hazy and light
  • BODY: Medium
  • ABV: 4.2
  • IBU: n/a
  • CHARACTERISTICS: Lighter in color, fresh, golden, crisp
  • NOTES: Flavorful and fresh, a very drinkable lager

#2 Black bear Porter

Blackbear Porter dark like a Guiness but better.

  • STYLE: Porter
  • COLOR: Dark and Creamy
  • BODY: Heavy
  • ABV: 6.5
  • IBU: n/a
  • CHARACTERISTICS: Lighter in color, fresh, golden hazy creamy
  • NOTES: Flavorful and fresh, a very drinkable wheat beer.

#3 Cosa mimosa hazy ipa

  • STYLE: Hazy IPA
  • COLOR: Light and Fruity
  • BODY: Medium
  • BITTERNESS: Medium
  • ABV: 7.8
  • IBU: 45
  • CHARACTERISTICS: Lighter in color, fresh, hazy IPA.
  • NOTES: Flavorful and fresh, a very fruity and delicious.

Strange Days Brewing Co. Brewing System

Strange Days Brewery runs a 3-barrel system 2 to 3 times a week at the location in downtown Riverfront. Each batch of beer yields 27 barrels of quality home-style goodness weekly.

The brewery is really becoming known for its fruity-styled beers but their IPA is a strong winner.

As far as Brewing they run a 100% reverse osmosis water for brewing, this make them slightly unique and makes the taste beer special.

The team at the brewery

Trevor Schlager lead brewer, brewing beers for 7 years. Fun to talk to and switching hats from Brewer to Bartender . Cool guy!

With a variety of styles from traditional to all new styles being created with global spices and fruits, there is no shortage of of options at Strange Days.

They always have cider on hand for those who want something more but no wine from a bottle. They have a cooler with some small Capri wines as well for an additional variation.

Mug Club

Strange Day’s offers a Mug Club for refills and specials during the different seasons.

Address information

316 Oak St., Kansas City, Mo

Hours: Monday & Wednesday 4-9pm, Thursday & Friday 4-10pm, Saturday 11am – 10pm & Sunday 12- 7pm | Tuesday – Closed

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