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The smell of barbecue and great beer is in the air. You can follow your senses just 25 miles Southeast of KCMO and find Smoke Brewing Co in Lee’s Summit. Looking for a good time, great beer and excellent BBQ?

Let me introduce you to Smoke Brewery and BBQ, a craft brewery and BBQ Gastropub. Let’s explore this unique and popular restaurant and get a taste.

My Review of Smoke Brewing Company in Lee’s Summit – Beer and BBQ Kansas City Style

Falling in love with downtown Kansas City Missouri, I never quite got to explore Lee Summit’s historic downtown until recently. There are many options for food and drink in downtown Lee’s Summit. Smoke brewing company stands out from the crowd.

If your favorite thing is BBQ and you love beer and a good time, you owe it to yourself to visit Smoke Brewery. The food here is above par with great beer and fun and unique mixed drinks.

Smoke Brewing Company Location & Vibe

Owners, Josh and Lanni Edwards have created an at-home style feel Pub in the middle of downtown Lee’s Summit with Smoke brewing company.

Smoke Brewing is located in a 1906 building that was formerly a car dealership, auto shop, and wine bistro among other businesses over the last decade. Smoke brewery has achieved award-winning greatness for its beer and bbq and people are loving it.

At Smoke, they are creating a high-level chef-driven menu with craft beer and damn good cocktails as they would say. You can even host a private party at the barrel room adjacent to the brewery.

During my visit, I had the pleasure of meeting owners Josh Edwards and his wife Lanni. I had the chance to sit down and learn about their concept for the Brewhouse. This has resulted in creating one of the most popular brew pubs in Lee’s Summit.

While the brewery opened in 2017, Josh and Jeff have been at making beer and bbq for 10 years.

Smoke is brewing up a new style of a craft brewery experience. Add into the mix, executive chef Josh Laufketter and you have some of the best food in downtown Lee’s Summit.

Josh is a sharp businessman and the family helping, it makes this a family affair. Josh and Lanni are dedicated to great food and wonderful experiences at Smoke. There is a sense of family and community here, so it’s no wonder the idea and creation of Smoke started as a father-and-son project and is now a thriving business.

As soon as we sat down to chat, Josh came right out and said, “We want to create the best, beer-flavored beer around”. He wants to pair a full mixed drink bar, with higher-level cuisine and bbq to make the whole experience higher level, but warm and cozy.

Brewmaster Spencer Schaub is the lead brewer over at Smoke. Josh, the owner, had been brewing beer for 5 years, but the expertise and know-how Spencer brings to the table is unsurpassed.

The Smoke Brewery experience

Each day Smoke offers test batches of their unique beer as well as offering seasonals at the tasting room. Their modern, 10-barrel beer production system, has gotten so big it warranted moving to a larger warehouse across the road.

So if you come into the tasting room looking for beer-making machinery, you won’t see that much. A few drums and some production equipment are kept in the tasting room facility but the main production is off-site. As Lee’s Summit’s first BBQ – Brew house gave Smoke a lot to strive for.

The vibe of the tap house is mellow but fun. You will see families, couples, and groups of friends. The indoor and outdoor areas are spacious and can handle a good crowd on a Friday night.

The tap room was bellowing with laughter and TV’s going, almost like a sports bar. The patio was where people were eating and families were hanging out on smartly placed picnic tables.

Excellent Food Options

If you are looking for a wide variety of eating options, Smoke Brewery has one of the most diverse menus I have seen in a brew house. Street tacos and the Schnitzel and way more. From sandwiches to burgers to ribs, Smoke has a huge menu of options. Our favorites were the Cheesy Brisket Dip with Truffle Fries and Pretzel twists.

The BBQ we will have to come back for, it’s known to be amazing, apparently, it rivals Q39 and Jack Stack. There were many more options though even if you were Gluten Free. Next time we will try one of the many salads, or possibly one of the sandwiches or wraps. 

Best Bloody Mary at a Craft Brewery? Yup, they have the biggest and best Bloody Mary in town. It’s a meal in itself and has a big kick to it. Smoke Brewing Company prides itself on mixed drinks and beer. It’s clear this is much more than a brewery.

About the Owners

Josh grew up in the tight-knit community of Lee Summit so he has seen the change from an industrial area to a thriving downtown with many options for food and drink.

Josh has been a local businessman for many years, starting off in the local service industry, HVAC, and contracting. He understands all the things it takes to make things right in a commercial space and restaurant.

Josh has a few philosophies and one is “hire people smarter than you are”. Well it’s working and the team here at Smoke is working hard, and getting it done with intention.

With the original concept of Smoke to just be a brewery, it grew into a whole other thing. Adding food was the more interesting part of this venture. They went and found the best chef in town, and found a great location. Then planned the brewery first with dad on board, and the whole family raring to start something fresh and new, it was a sure win.

Come here for fresh wheat beers, great Pilsners and an array of the normal gotos like a good stout and some killer lagers that stand out against the best of them. If you like a sweet hard seltzer, they have that as well. It’s a bloody Orange creation that is masterly done like a mixed drink.

My favorite three beers:

#1 Sir Wits-a-Lot

This is a golden creamy wheat beer with a robust hint of coriander flavor and good drinkability. A newer beer offering from Smoke. This is a goto for a beer with great flavor that pairs well with a burger or meal. This is a strong wheat beer with a little bitterness.

  • STYLE: Wheat Beer – Witbier / Blanche
  • COLOR: Hazy and light
  • BODY: Medium
  • ABV: 4.7
  • IBU: 15
  • CHARACTERISTICS: Lighter in color, fresh, golden hazy creamy
  • NOTES: Flavorful and fresh, a very drinkable wheat beer.

#2 Black Udder 

This beer is smooth, dark and flavorful. A creamy feel with hints of chocolate and milk sweetness, and a subtle touch of coffee in the finish.  Sweet taste with a malt aroma. 

  • STYLE: Stout – Milk / Sweet
  • COLOR: Dark
  • BODY: Full body
  • ABV: 4.6%
  • IBU: 29
  • CHARACTERISTICS: robust, med dark color
  • NOTES: Dark and creamy

#3 Herd of Turtles

  • STYLE: Pilsner
  • COLOR: Light and clean
  • BODY:  Light
  • BITTERNESS:  low
  • ABV: 4.4%
  • IBU: 2
  • CHARACTERISTICS: Slightly bigger bite than a normal IPA
  • NOTES:  Good every day light beer a regular favorite

The Smoke Team

Josh Edwards:
Originally a contractor who did a lot of home building early in his career, and beer maker. Josh has lived in Lee Summit all his life and loves this town and the people who live here. The concept and realization of Smoke come with great attention to the beer and food, but without the building experience Josh brought to the table, the place would just not be what it is today. It would not look and feel as high-end and finished as it does currently.

Lanni Edwards
Lanni and Josh work together at Smoke and are always teaming up on the things they do together, well they are married. Lanni’s attention to detail with interior design and finishing comes from her experience working on custom homes in their other family business. The space has a great flow and feel, part of that is color and layout.

Jeff Edwards
“Papa Smoke” is dad and is co-owner of the Smoke Brewery. I didn’t have a chance to meet Jeff during my visit, but XXXX Jeff was instrumental in the construction of the location in Lee Summit and is always tooling around fixing and helping. A retired marine, we always appreciate his great service and help. He constructed the place top to bottom and did it with care. This is a family labor of love and passion for great food and drink.

The owners are really cool and excited to sit with us and explain the history of the Smoke brewery in this part of Lee Summit. They also had some ideas for the near future that are very ambitious.

I urge you to visit the Smoke brewery in Lee Summit and see what all the commotion is.  It’s about above-par food and drink and not making a big deal about it. The new norm for food and drink is a unique and memorable visit to Smoke Brewery!

Address and Information:
209 SE Main St, Lee’s Summit, MO 64063  816.525.BEER (2337)
Hours: Monday-Thursday: 11AM-10PM / Friday & Saturday: 11AM-Midnight /
Sunday 10AM-4PM

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