9 Best Record Stores in Kansas City

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After living in KCMO for a few years now, I thought it was time to visit the best record stores in Kansas City. I have been playing music since I was 10 years old, so like 40+ years, and listening to records since then too. I produce and write music and I am an old Hollywood rocker. So I feel a strong connection to musicians, record shops, and music stores. I love them.

I went on a search for every Kansas City record store looking for four things; the size of their vinyl collection, their used 80’s and 90’s LPs, to meet the people who worked at the stores, and to review prices and collections of used and new albums.

I also wanted to rank the best record stores in Kansas City after the last two years with the pandemic and all to do an update. God bless the ones we lost and the ones that made it through.

Record Stores in Kansas City

I came up in the age when all we had was vinyl was the way we listened to music. I love this new vinyl renaissance. It’s got me excited to dust off my collection and look for more.

80’s and 90’s music is what I am into. Old records such as New Wave era bands like Ultravox, Kraftwerk, Japan, and Bauhaus. Even prog rock types like Yes, UK, Porcupine Tree, and so many others.

Here’s what I found, and let me say, every store below is worth a visit.

My Favorite Record Stores in Kansas City

There are not many record stores left in Kansas City, Missouri. The last few years have knocked out the weak ones and “only the strong survive”. Wait! Isn’t that a song? Maybe not, but I bet the people who work at these record stores below could tell me.

I visited all the local favorite record shops I know about in KCMO and am giving a rundown of each. I added a few photos so you know what you are walking into, but… there are no guarantees in life. Proceed as you may.

1. Mills Record Company

Mills Record Shop

Mills Records is my favorite spot in KCMO for records and if you can only visit one record shop, this should be it! This place mostly sells new vinyl so it’s something different from the regular record stores. They buy, sell, and trade (vinyl records, CDs, and cassettes).

Mills Records in KCMO

If it’s in print and they don’t have it, we can get it. They have quite a vast array and that is another reason it is my favorite.

Mills Record Company hosts in-stores on a weekly basis. They have amazing and super friendly service. You can find rarities here. There also seems to be a good turnover of albums monthly.

Mills Record Shop

This is the top spot to shop for vinyl that I’ve found so far in Kansas City.

Mills is definitely known as one of the best record stores in Kansas City. Mills has the best selection, the best organization, and best layout. They also have super helpful employees who know the genres well. They are also great at recommending new bands you may haven’t heard of before. 

I think Mills is the #1 record shop Kansas City has to offer.

2. The Vinyl Underground (7th Heaven)

Vinyl Underground specializes in vinyl records (LP’s, 78’s, and 45’s), new and vintage stereo equipment, and lowbrow art. It also has an adjacent smoke shop…. sweet!

The Vinyl Underground is a favorite record store with my music buddies.

It is also the only place in the KC Metro area selling original art prints by such artists as Tara McPherson, Coop, Kozik, Uncle Charlie, and many more. 7th Heaven (Vinyl Underground) is well known as one of the best music stores in Kansas City.

They offer a large selection of vinyl records. I found a few that were rare and not easy to find, but it’s a mining expedition like any other store. Their prices are fair and reasonable.

They have a very helpful and friendly staff and a very cool local vibe.

The selection is large – allow yourself a good chunk of time if you really want to explore your options – but things are organized well.

There is also a great head shop upstairs to visit to make it a one-stop experience.

3. Josey Records

Josey Records Kansas City has some flair to it. It is unique and has a ton of stuff.

I think it has the best hip-hop collection in KC and a great rock collection. They have really good prices and nothing was above $35. This is a key factor for many collectors.

The basement section was large with loads more records. There is also a performing area where they have bands and events weekly. It’s best to check their Facebook page for upcoming shows.

The service was super friendly and helpful. This is a two-story of warehouse-style record shop very much worth a visit. Lots of bins to dig through and is definitely the best record store Kansas city has in this part of town.

This was such a cool little place to visit. It’s right across the street from Mission Taco. It had that basement brick vibe going on that you expect in the crossroads industrial buildings. 

Fun to walk around and browse while a variety of music is playing in the background. Great crowd here of locals and they have tons, and tons of vinyl to dig through.

One of my favorite vibes and one of the best record shops in Kansas City.

They have a huge selection of new and used records. The soul and jazz selections are quite large as well. They could use more classical and 80’s and 90’s new wave though.

4. Revolution Records

Revolution carries a wide variety of new and used books, LPs, 45s, 78s, CDs, cassettes, DVDs, VHS tapes, posters, punk/radical zines, vinyl care products, & stereo equipment.

Parking was easy (street side). It’s a medium-sized store near downtown KC with a limited selection of new and used vinyl (and CDs and cassettes). 

The back room has a very large bargain area with some of the best prices I have seen at a record store. 

This one is also a local favorite and the most fun music stores for events in Kansas City.

Their space is more reminiscent of an old-school neighborhood store, the kind where you could go for good recommendations and friendly folks.

There are so many choices and places to shop, and I think Revolution is one of the best record stores in KC to see live music.

First Friday music and events are a good time to visit. They have local musicians and visual artists perform every First Friday.

5. Records With Merritt

Records with Merritt is a new vinyl store in KCMO that sells new vinyl; what a concept! They carry many genres, including Pop/Rock, Jazz, Blues, Electronica, R&B, International, Folk, Classical, Indie, Reggae, Punk, Hip-Hop, and Soundtracks for movies, television, and Broadway. One of the most eclectic record stores Kansas City has to offer.

As I dug through the crates, I noticed they were all still sealed, kinda like when you used to go Warehouse Records or Tower Records. This must be the nicest and most organized record store I visited! Lots of records for a small space. A very cool owner who supports local bands too. I say one of the coolest record store experiences in town for new vinyl finds.

They have a great selection of all styles of music. Come here on a slow day and you may get a personal tour from the owner. She loves talking about music and vinyl.

A solid, small store with a large collection of NEW LPs (no used music sold here).  The selection and organization of music were impressive. 

Another, shout out to Merritt because they are great about selling music by local artists.

6. Prospero’s Books

Prospero’s Books is a great place for a nostalgic bookstore experience. You can rarely find bookstores this fun anymore. Especially ones that have a mix of books and other various media and entertainment. 

The location and the building itself are gorgeous and have incredible character. The downstairs area is super cool and reminded me of Powell’s Books in Portland, Oregon. Great aesthetic, reasonable prices and polite staff. 

The store is filled with countless vintage, resale/used records and books from several genres. If you’re willing to hunt, this is your place!

They stock mostly books, but there are dvd’s records, tapes and media. While it’s not a record shop, they have a decent amount of music, so it’s worth a visit. The media they did have was interesting and vintage. If you like books and music, check it out.

7. Gotwhatulike Records

I think the GotWhatuLike store is a hidden gem with lots to offer. Mark (a local, proud black business owner) and his staff at GotWhatULike are great! They have 8 years in business and they are a staple in the neighborhood. The store is very nostalgic in design and perfect for any collector or anyone who wants to start a vinyl collection.

The staff here are knowledgeable; they make sure you find what you are looking for. It’s a great record store with a wide selection of genres. The owner was super helpful and knowledgeable about 80’s and 90’s new wave and rock music.

They have a large selection of records from rock, jazz, blues, country, funk, soul, and r&b. Their selection Of Blues, Jazz, Soul and Classic rock is especially good. 

You name it, they have it! I found stuff here I haven’t been able to find anywhere else.

This store concentrates almost solely on used vinyl. 

All of the records in the non-discount bins were in a polymer sleeve which actually indicates that they care about the records they sell.

The number of records in their Punk section and Indy/Alternative sections was not massive, but the condition and quality of the albums found there was way above average. 

One of the better record stores in Kansas City for used vinyl that is in stellar condition.

8. FM Music Vintage Sounds

Kansas City’s new shop in Crossroads for used Vinyl. They have over 6,000 used records, 2,000 CDs, 1,500 cassettes, local music and 500 45’s.

Their selection for used and new vinyl, CDs, and cassettes is not the generic old albums you might find at a thrift store.

Jazz to Rock, soul, and more; if you’re a vinyl hobbyist or even just a music lover this store is for you! The owner always makes great recommendations for music and is very knowledgeable about all kinds of music.

One of the best things about this place is they strongly support local bands.

FM Music is the only northland record store with a large local band focus. They have collectable posters, CDs and vinyl…. I am in.

  • (816) 716-2770
  • Get Directions
  • 206 E 18th Ave North Kansas City, MO 6411

9. It’s a Beautiful Day

It is a beautiful day for an excellent variety of gifts, media and all things metaphysical. It’s a Beautiful Day, may draw most in for the custom incense, but you’ll want to stay for the earth-friendly clothing and record selection.

It's a Beautiful Day record store

They sell record needles and an excellent record collection and used high-quality audio equipment. This is a record store that is one of the best overall music stores in Kansas City.

​​It’s A Beautiful Day is a truly magical record shop. They have so many lovely items for your home as well as music and media.

This is a cute little store with very friendly staff. Lots of cool items to look at and buy. From incense to jewelry, clothing to vinyl, one of the better used vinyl collections I’ve ever seen, along with cds and cassette tapes.

Vinyl Collection at It's a Beautiful Day record store

This place is a very groovy and hip man.

I’ll be honest, I think all of the above are big contenders for the best record store in the Kansas City Metro! With so few record shops left, I truly find something special at each store I visit.

Do you own a Kansas City record store? If you wish to be on this local KCMO list of local record stores, leave a comment below.

National Record Store day is held on one Saturday in April every year. In 2023 it will be on Saturday, April 15. Please support local record stores!

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