Levi Garrison Brewery Review: Best Beer in Hamilton Missouri

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The Garrison Brewery is a must-visit when in Hamilton, MO. In fact, if you enjoy great beer and a unique brewery, this should be on your Missouri brewery bucket list!

I realize, beer may not be the first thing you think of when you think of Hamilton, Missouri. You are most likely thinking that the top quilters in the world might be holding a giant séance or of some local competitive sewing event or even a great live music event.

You would be right on all accounts here, as there is the Hamilton Playhouse where local theater shows and musicals are performed, and Hamilton, MO is the top location for quilters and quilting competitions in the country.

But, Hamilton is also the home of a great craft brewery; Levi Garrison & Sons.


Levi Garrison and Sons Brewing Company Review

Welcome to Levi Garrison and Sons Brewing Company. Scott Falke is the brew master and his microbrewery staff at Levi Garrison are setting new standards for brewing beer and setting the tempo for a quiet life in a country town.

12beer flight at Garrison Brewing
Duck Dog beer at Levi Garrison

Levi Garrison & Sons Brewing Company is recognized as producing a unique and well-delivered tasty variety of local microbrews in Hamilton. This place is a must-do, local day trip if you are close to Kansas City.

You can even stop by the Jesse James Museum and check out the Kearny, MO farm where the outlaw grew up and lived on your way home from a tasting.

Levi Garrison & Sons brewery in Hamilton

Levi Garrison and Sons is a family-owned and operated company that started in 2014. The company started under the name Ninja Moose Brewery but changed its name in 2016.

Levi Garrison Brewing History

The owner Scott Falke is a decorated combat veteran with 20 years of military service and the present brewmaster of Levi Garrisons and Sons. After returning from deployment in Afghanistan, Scott worked as a college professor until he decided to follow his dream of becoming a brewmaster and open a brewery.

Scott has a Ph.D. in biochemistry from the University of Kansas school of medicine. He also understands great-tasting beer takes a bit of science.

When Scott started on his brewery dream project the mission was to make handcrafted flavorful beers and never compromise on flavor for profit.

brewing room levi garrisons

Garrison Brewery Rules

Levi Garrisons has some rules about its vibe. You must have a certain amount of respect, friendliness, and pleasantness; it’s expected.

They have a small list of rules and regulations in their menu book that gave me a chuckle for example number three “we don’t rent pigs, so don’t even ask.” I like their sense of humor.

It did make me pause, and think about how I should act and be with people just for a moment.

Levi Garrison Mug club


Levi Garrisons also has a mug members club. As a member, they get their growlers filled and kegs filled at a discounted rate. The brewery hosts member events a few times a year and you get a special mug that really makes you feel part of the place.

If you’re a mug member you can keep your mug at the brewery behind the bar. So, whenever you come to visit, it’s ready for you. A fun, inclusive member benefit and local feel.

Apple Cider at Levi Garrison Brewery

Levi Garrison and Sons is a quality Missouri-based brewery that makes craft beers and ciders that are enjoyable in taste and quality.

The owner Scott explained to me that they focus on a simple smooth and consistent approach to their beer-making. This small-town brewery and taproom bar is cool and just eclectic enough to feel like you are part of the local vibe.

the vibe at Levi Garrison Brewing Company

My favorite thing about this brewery was when I visited the taproom at Levi Garrison, it is not just a bar. It’s really a community; a small gathering space intended for local, fun conversation. The people are mellow and they like it that way.

beer at Levi garrisons and son

The taproom at the brewery is open Tuesday through Saturday. They keep 12 taps flowing with their beer.

They even have apple ciders to switch up the palette.

The Beer & Brewery


At LGS they have a variety of beers for just about every beer connoisseur. Their seasonals include Tall Cotton Imperial Stout, Mayfly Maibock, Gravel Drive Golden Ale, and Duck Dog Dunkelweissen.

Their year-round beers or more specialized like Baja Style Ale, Yucatán Style Ale, IPA #4, Saison, A Thousand Bale farmhouse Ale, Ranch Hand Wheat.

They also have a Rockwells Porter, Imperial Red Ale, Pantyhose Pale Ale, Deacons Oatmeal Cream Stout. A few others include the Naughty Sister Tripel, Second Amendment Amber and some custom beers exclusively from members and Specific customers like Space Traveler Ale, Jakes IPA, Home Planet Mexicali Style, and Kozak’s Yankee Smith Ale.

Beer of the Month Club

beer tasters & my tasting


My top 3 beers and their characteristics:

I like to rank my top 3 beers when I do brewery reviews. I tried 12 beers at LGS and this was hard because all the beers were really well-rounded.

Second Amendment Amber Ale

STYLE: Amber Ale
COLOR: Amber/deep Reddish-Brown
BODY: Medium
ABV: 7%
CHARACTERISTICS: Malty flavors focused on caramel, residual sweetness.
NOTES: Easy drinking, bold and flavorful malty beer.

IPA #4

STYLE: India Pale Ale (East Coast)
COLOR: Pale Straw
BODY: Light
ABV: 5%
CHARACTERISTICS: Easy Drinking IPA, hoppy flavor without the bitterness.
NOTES: Spring/Summertime IPA, great “lawnmower” beer.

Deacon’s Oatmeal Cream Stout

STYLE: Oatmeal Cream Stout
COLOR: Black
BODY: Heavy
ABV: 7%
CHARACTERISTICS: Creamy stout, hints of coffee and chocolate
NOTES: Outstanding stout beer

These stood out to me as well as the Tail Cotton Imperial Stout. You can never judge a beer by its color, you need to taste them.

The Food Situation

While Levi Garrison & Sons does not have a kitchen, there are a few local restaurants that deliver to the brewery.

I ordered a bacon cheeseburger from Dundee’s Grill, and it arrived quickly. The burger was above average in quality and was served at the brewery from a nearby grill that partners closely with the bar to provide food.

I recommend planning on an hour or more if you visit Levi Garrison & Sons Brewery.

You might meet someone who wants to tell you the history of Hamilton. Or they might want to tell you about JC Penny, who grew up down the block or direct you to the best local sewing machine shop. It’s a funky little town that is worth a visit.

Levi Garrison Brewery is a hop skip and a jump from St. Joseph (45 minutes) and close enough to Kansas City (75 miles) for a day trip.

Levi Garrison & Sons Brewing Company location & info
105 West Bird Street, Hamilton, MO 64644, US
(816) 679-7596

Tuesday through Thursday: noon – 8pm
Friday and Saturday: noon – 10pm
Sunday and Monday: Closed

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