Our 9 Favorite Kansas City tours

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Kansas City truly offers a unique and diverse experience for visitors. In addition to its world-renowned BBQ and jazz music scene, the city also has civil war history and a vibrant arts and culture community. Kansas City tours offer an excellent opportunity to explore and learn more about the city’s many attractions.

For foodies, the KC Food Tour is a must-try, which takes you on a walking tour to some of the city’s best restaurants and food markets, showcasing the local cuisine and culture. And for art enthusiasts, the KC Street Art Tour is a great way to explore the city’s vibrant street art scene and learn about the artists and their work.

Nichols fountain in the Plaza

No matter what your interests are, there are so many fun things to do in Kansas City and lot’s of great guided tours to choose from. It’s a great way to experience the city in a new and exciting way and learn more about its history, culture, and people.

Best Kansas City Tours

Todd and I moved to Kansas City three years ago. We have explored a lot on our own and are always looking for new Kansas City’s neighborhoods, attractions and fun things to do.

We also love to find something new or unique to try. So, signing up for guided tours offers us an opportunity to see Kansas City through someone else’s eyes. City tours are an excellent way to see something new and learn new things about an area’s history.

Here’s a look at some fun tours to help you explore Kansas City. I love Viator and Get Your Guide for tour companies. They are the two companies I use when I travel because they use local guides.

The Best of Kansas City Walking Tour (Private Group Tour)

View from the WW1 Tower in Kansas City

Tour Length: 2 Hours
Meeting Point: WW1 Museum; 2 Memorial Dr, Kansas City, MO 64108

Discover the city’s most charming attractions and learn about its fascinating history with the help of a professional guide on this private group tour. This tour offers an opportunity to explore the city’s hidden gems and learn about its vibrant culture and rich history.

You will learn about the city’s famous BBQ scene and the fountains that have earned it the nickname “City of Fountains”. You will be surprised by the many fascinating facts and legends that are hidden throughout the city.

From the Civil War history to the jazz music scene, you will learn about the unique features that make Kansas City such a special place to live and visit.

These guided private tours are perfect for those visiting the city for the first time and wanting to experience it to the fullest.

Kansas City Crossroads Art District and Westside Urban Hike

Mural in KCMO

Tour Length: 3-4 Hours
Meeting Point: WWI Museum; 2 Memorial Dr, Kansas City, MO 64108

Kansas City Crossroads Art District and Westside Urban Hike is an adventurous 5-mile tour that starts with a breathtaking view at Liberty Memorial, then descends down the hill past Union Station with an excellent tour guide.

Enjoy a refreshing fruit juice from a local Mexican shop while exploring the culturally rich neighborhood of Westside. Learn about the historical West Bottoms and the Pendergast era, and be amazed by the street art in the alleyways.

The hike includes steep hills and staircases, so bring your comfortable walking or running shoes and a water bottle. Don’t miss the chance to capture Instagramable moments and discover hidden Kansas City gems. This tour is also available in Spanish.

Kansas City Segway Tour: Art and Glide

Segway tour

Tour Length: 1.5 Hours
Meeting Point: 4245 Walnut St, Kansas City, MO 64111

Experience the sights and sounds of Kansas City like never before on a fun Segway tour of the iconic Country Club Plaza area. Lasting 1.5 hours, this tour is the perfect way to explore the city’s most famous landmarks and learn about its rich history and culture.

Comfortably glide through the streets on a Segway as your knowledgeable guide points out important landmarks and sites of interest that tell the tale of this Midwestern city. Along the way, you’ll learn about the city’s fascinating past, from its early days as a frontier town to its rise as a major cultural and economic center.

Whether you’re a first-time visitor or a local, this Segway tour is the ideal way to explore the city in style and comfort.


Battle of Westport stop 9

For history enthusiasts wanting to explore Civil War sites in Kansas City, the self-driving Battle of Westport tour the best way. The Visitor’s Center website provides a map with 25 stops around the city, including Loose Park, where most of the sites are located. Interpretive signs provide insights into the battle and campaign in Missouri, and visitors can learn about this important historical event while enjoying the park’s outdoor spaces.

Stop #8 is particularly noteworthy as it not only covers the Westport battle but also the overall campaign of the Civil War. Visitors can also see a cannon at this stop. Although it may not be a traditional Civil War battlefield, the Battle of Westport is still a crucial part of Kansas City’s history that visitors should explore.

City of Fountains Self Guided Tour

Discover the beauty of Kansas City’s stunning fountains on a self-guided tour. With over 200 fountains scattered throughout the metro area, visitors can explore and appreciate the city’s most iconic and unique displays. One of the most notable fountains is the J.C. Nichols Memorial Fountain located in the Plaza, featuring four equine figures representing the world’s mighty rivers.

Other notable fountains to explore include the Crown Center Square Fountain and the Meyer Circle (“Seahorse”) Fountain, featuring a 17th-century Venetian sculpture. Many neighborhood parks also offer stunning fountains to discover. Don’t miss the chance to experience Kansas City’s fountains on a fountain tour, and immerse yourself in the city’s rich history and culture by creating your own fountain tour!

Kansas City Brewery, Winery, and Distillery Tour

Kansas City Brewery, Winery, and Distillery Tour
Photo Credit: Viator

Tour Length: 3 hours
Meeting Point: 325 E 31st St, Kansas City, MO 64108

Embark on a beer lover’s dream tour of Kansas City and explore the city’s thriving craft beer industry. With a knowledgeable guide leading the way, you’ll visit at least three local breweries, enjoy behind-the-scenes access to the brewing process, and sample a variety of delicious beers, wine and distilled liquors.

Learn about the rich history and culture of the craft beer scene in Kansas City as you travel from one brewery to the next, soaking up the atmosphere and enjoying the company of other beer enthusiasts.

At each stop, you’ll get to try different types of beer, from classic brews to experimental flavors, and get an inside look at how each one is made. And with provided transportation between each stop, you won’t have to worry about driving after enjoying a few cold ones.

J. Rieger & Co. Distillery Tour

J Rieger Distillery in Kansas City, MO

Tour Length: 1 Hour
Meeting Point: 2700 Guinotte Ave, Kansas City, MO 64120

Experience the rich history of J. Rieger & Co., Kansas City’s iconic distillery, with a guided tour. Founded in 1887 and now located in the historic East Bottoms district, the tour takes you on a journey through time as you witness the entire distillation process and learn about the brand’s past, including its demise during Prohibition.

You’ll also have the opportunity to taste the brand’s four flagship products, including the unique Caffè Amaro. The tour includes pickup from many Kansas City hotels upon request, making it a convenient and fascinating way to explore the city’s distillery scene.

Kansas City Brewery Tour


Tour Length: 4 Hours
Meeting Point: 325 E 31st St, Kansas City, MO 64108

Experience the best of Kansas City’s craft beer scene with this exclusive four-hour brewery tour. Led by a knowledgeable guide, you’ll get a behind-the-scenes look at some of the top craft brew hotspots in the area.

Sip on delicious beers and learn about the brewing process as you visit multiple locations throughout the city. With all snacks and drinks included, you can sit back, relax, and enjoy meeting the interesting people behind the beer in KC. Get ready for an unforgettable experience filled with insider information and local knowledge.

Kansas City Bar Hunt: Crush Bar Crawl

Peanut on Main (bar in Kansas City)

Tour Length: It’s all up to you!
Meeting Point: Download the app to find first location

Experience a night of adventure and fun in Kansas City with the city’s ultimate Bar Hunt! With just your smartphone and your crew, you can explore the best bars, pubs, and cocktail joints in the city, collecting clues, completing wild photo challenges, and earning points along the way.

Whether you’re looking for a unique way to spend a regular Saturday night or simply want to experience the city’s vibrant nightlife, the Kansas City Bar Hunt offers a fun and exciting way to do it.

Play at your own pace and explore the city’s best bars and pubs, discovering new favorites along the way. With a variety of challenges and clues to complete, you and your crew will have a blast as you compete for points and bragging rights.

So gather your friends, charge up your smartphones, and get ready to hit the town for a night of bar-hopping and adventure with the Kansas City Bar Hunt walking tours app!

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