Visiting the Jesse James Bank Museum in Liberty, MO

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Thirty minutes from Kansas City is the town of Liberty, Missouri where you will find the location of the first successful daylight, peacetime bank robbery in the United States.

The robbery took place in 1866, during the height of the Wild West days of the Midwest. Today, the building is known as the Jesse James Bank Museum and is one of several sites in Missouri where the outlaw Jesse James and his gang are said to have robbed or pillaged.

I visited with my son as a short day trip from Kansas City and part of my quest to see all the Jesse James attractions in Missouri.

Jesse James Bank Robbery Marker

Jesse James

Jesse Woodson James was born on September 5, 1847, and died at the age of 34 on April 3, 1882. Jesse James was an American outlaw, bank and train robber, and most known as the leader of the James–Younger Gang.

Out of 26 robberies and killings in which Jesse James is thought to have been involved over 15 years, author Adam Woog, in his book “Legends of the West,” lists this Missouri bank robbery.

About the Building & Bank

Jesse James Bank Museum

At the time of the robbery, it was called the Clay County Saving Bank. Today the museum is a great representation of a bank on the frontier during westward expansion.

The building was built in 1858 and is the only pre-civil war (antebellum) building in Liberty, Missouri. The Jesse James Bank Museum tour of the two-room bank shares the history of banking in the middle 1800s as well as the story of the 1866 bank robbery. Today, the building is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

National Register of Historic places plaque

The bank is a well-maintained piece of history with photos, artifacts, coins, newspaper clippings, “Wanted” flyers, and facts about that time period. Plan on about 30-60 minutes to visit the museum and check out their artifacts. During our visit, they weren’t very busy, so we also enjoyed chatting with the docent about the history of the building and their knowledge about the day of the James Gang robbery.

The Liberty, MO Bank Museum Robbery

The bank was robbed on Tuesday, February 13, 1866, at 2 pm in the afternoon. On this snowy February afternoon, there were two people working at the bank during the robbery; Greenup Bird who was the head cashier, and his son, William.

One story about the robbery is that Jesse and Frank James met with Cole Younger to plan their first bank robbery. Frank James, Cole, and Jim Younger, and nine more members of the gang robbed the Clay County Savings Bank in Liberty, Missouri, of $60,000.

A second story we were told about the robbery is that two men entered the bank wearing Union soldier overcoats. They were said to be Frank James and Archie Clement. One of the men laid down a bill and asked the bank teller for change. William walked toward the man to help him and the two men drew their guns and said they wanted everything in the safe.

Liberty bank robbery jesse james

Both robbers lept over the counter and demanded all the money in the bank. One robber held Mr. Bird at gunpoint.

Jesse James Bank Museum

The other robber handed William a white sack and told him to open the safe and put all the money inside the bag. The second robber then forced both men into the vault.

Vault at the bank in Liberty, Missouri

As the men made off with their loot, they fired off several rounds to create a diversion. During the escape, they shot and killed a 17-year-old college student, George Wymore.

Greenup Bird account of the robbery
This document is Greenup Bird’s account of the robbery

After the robbers left on that cold, snowy day in February a 100-person posse attempted to chase them until about 2am. Because of the growing snowstorm, the robbers tracks were covered during their getaway.

While the robbers were never caught, the crime was attributed to the infamous James Gang.

The three variables that don’t waiver are:

  • it was a cold and snowy afternoon
  • it was the first successful daylight peacetime bank robbery
  • and a 17-year-old boy was killed.
17-year-old college student, George Wymore killed in bank robbery

“Little” Arch Clements, who was a known member of the James Gang was said to have fired the shot that killed George Wymore.

How Much Was Stolen in the Robbery?

There are estimates that the robbers got away with between $60,000-$62,000 in gold, silver, bonds and cash, which would be about 4 million dollars today.

  • $40,000 in bearer bonds
  • $500 in United States Government Revenue Stamps
  • $7,000 in gold & silver
  • $3,000 in military bonds
  • $8,700 United States Greenbacks

At the time of the robbery, there was no type of bank insurance. The bank closed after the robbery.

Did the James Gang Commit the Robbery?

Jesse James Reward Poster

At the time of the robbery, Jesse and his brother Frank James most likely lived on their family farm in Kearney, Missouri, which is a bit less than 10 miles from the bank in Liberty.

Some say there is no verified connection to this bank robbery and the outlaw Jesse James or to the James Gang at all.

Other documentation states the James boys were thought to be among 11 men on horseback who committed the daylight bank robbery.

Regardless, it is still significant as the first daylight robbery of a bank in US history.

“Little” Arch Clements, who was a known member of the James Gang was accused of killing the 17-year-old boy, George Wymore during the robbery.

The Jesse James Bank Museum Tour

The docents are a wealth of information and provide very detailed tours. Our tour experience included details and a synopsis of the events of the day the robbery took place in 1866.

Most of the bank portion of the museum date to circa 1865. The floorboards, baseboards, pressed tin ceiling, distorted glass windows, wood trim around windows, the vault & safe are all original. The counter and large desk are replicas.

Among the furnishings, is a rare Seth Thomas clock, set for the exact time and date of the robbery, February 13, 1866.

Many photographs and other documents are on display for the public to view. A museum store offers many historical books, period-style toys and games, and other fun souvenir keepsakes.

Various newspaper articles, advertisements and notices are on display as well as coins used during the Jesse James era.

Vault and safe at museum
The vault dates to 1858 and the walls around it are 26 inches thick.

It’s hard not to imagine how the two bank tellers must have felt, as you peer into the original green vault.

In 1965 a relative of 17-year-old, George Wymore, who was shot and killed during the robbery bought the building with goal of turning it into a museum and honoring their relative. The museum opened in 1966 and today is listed on the National Register of Historic Places in Missouri.

Jesse James Bank Museum Address: 103 N Water St, Liberty, MO 64068

Museum Enterance Fee

Adults $6.50
Seniors (62+) $6.00
Children (8-15) $4.00
Children under 8: free

Suggested time for visit: 1 Hour

You can also visit the Jesse James Museum in Kearney, which is the farm and home where he grew up and less than fifteen minutes from the bank museum.

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