2024 Chiefs NFL Draft Predictions

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The 2024 NFL Draft will be in held Detroit, MI from April 25-27, 2024. With every team, there is always room for improvement. Coming off the first back to back super bowl championships in almost 20 years, the Kansas City Chiefs, have a young, top-tier defense. Many, including myself, attribute this to the Chief’s success this season and their ability to hold teams to an average of only 17.0 points a game (2nd in the NFL).

However, rather uncharacteristically for the Chiefs,  the offense clearly struggled at times this season due to a few factors. The two biggest factors in my opinion are Travis Kelce aging and our wide receiver (WR) room having drop issues. Besides Rashee Rice, there was no other top tier receiver who was consistent during the last season.

On top of that, multiple defensive players are free agents. This means they are free agents during this off season and can sign with any team in the NFL. Therefore, there are surely some holes to fill on offense and defense. 

2023 NFL Draft in Kansas City

How the Draft Works

Each draft has 7 rounds with 32 picks in each round. Each team gets 1 pick per round. However, with trades happening all the time in the regular and offseason, it is very common for teams to have less or more than their original 7 picks.

This year, the Chiefs originally had a total of 6 picks. One of those picks comes from the Cowboys from a past trade. 2 of the Chiefs picks, one from the 6th round and one from the 7th round have been traded away, so other teams will have those picks.

As of draft week they have an additional pick in the 7th round called a pick swap. This is because of L’Jarius Sneed’s trade to the Tennessee Titans.

Without further ado, here are my predictions for the picks the Kansas City Chiefs have in this upcoming 2024 NFL Draft. These include the original six picks that the Chiefs had at the time of writing this in February.

My Kansas City Chiefs 2024 Draft Predictions 

Position Cheat Sheet

  • Wide Receiver (WR)
  • Defensive Tackle (DT)
  • Outside Linebacker (OLB)
  • Offensive Tackle (OT)
  • Tight End (TE)

Draft Overview RECAP

Don’t have time to read the whole article? Here are my picks for the Chiefs draft in 2024.

  • ROUND 1, PICK 32 = Keon Coleman, WR, Florida State 
  • ROUND 2, PICK 64 = Edgerrin Cooper, OLB, Texas A&M 
  • ROUND 3, PICK 95 = Ruke Orhorhoro, DT, Clemson 
  • ROUND 4, PICK 132 = Javon Foster, OT, Missouri 
  • ROUND 5, PICK 157 = Luke McCaffrey, WR, Rice 
  • ROUND 5, PICK 171 = Erick All, TE, Iowa 

ROUND 1, PICK 32: Keon Coleman, WR, Florida State 

The Chiefs showed a clear need for a receiver throughout the 2023 season, and while Rashee Rice has been a star for us, we need more than 1 elite receiver to make our offensive flow better and give Patrick Mahomes more options to throw to.

Keon Coleman is a fantastic choice for the Chiefs at 32, being Florida State’s star receiver throughout a successful season. Racking up 50 receptions for 658 yards in the 2023 season, Coleman averaged 13.2 yards per reception, making him the perfect deep-threat receiving option that the Chiefs desperately need to stretch the field, create big plays, and catch long throws from Mahomes. 

ROUND 2, PICK 64: Edgerrin Cooper, OLB, Texas A&M 

With Willie Gay Jr. stating he has probably played his last game at Arrowhead Stadium (likely because the Chiefs not being able to pay him a fair contract with their current cap space situation), an outside linebacker is needed to keep our defense young and top tier.

With 39 tackles, 8 sacks, and 2 forced fumbles in the 2023 CFB season, Cooper is a fantastic option for the Chiefs as a choice for outside linebacker. He is great on the blitz, which is what Steve Spagnola, the Chief’s defensive coordinator is known for. 

ROUND 3, PICK 95: Ruke Orhorhoro, DT, Clemson 

While Chris Jones is a free agent this year, he stated recently that he isn’t going anywhere. However, other defensive line players such as Derrick Nadi are also free agents, and may not return in 2024.

Therefore, bolstering our defensive line is a priority for GM Brett Veachn and Ruke Orthorhoro is a great option to do so at defensive tackle. Standing at 6’4, 290 lbs, Orhorhoro currently plays for the Clemson Tigers and raked up 5 sacks in the 2023 season.

With the possibility of multiple DL players leaving in free agency this season, picking up a young player that we can develop is a must for this draft. 

ROUND 4, PICK 132: Javon Foster, OT, Missouri 

The Chiefs have proven in past drafts they like to draft players from nearby schools such as Felix Anudike-Uhzomah from Kansas State, and Nick Bolton from Missouri.

Currently a senior at Missouri, Javon Foster is an OT that the Chiefs could be interested in drafting, with LT Donovan Smith likely going to sign with another team in free agency. Being great at run and pass blocking, Foster could easily be a starting tackle for the Chiefs with proper development. 

ROUND 5, PICK 157: Luke McCaffrey, WR, Rice 

Christian McCaffrey is easily the best running back in the NFL, and his brother Luke is one of the most interesting draft prospects in the 2024 NFL draft.

Playing QB at Nebraska, then transferring to Rice and changing positions to WR, McCaffrey caught 72 receptions for 992 yards, and 13 touchdowns, averaging 14.0 yards per catch in the 2024 college football season.

With the questions in the WR room the Chiefs have, McCaffrey would be an excellent addition, and a valuable gadget guy, being able to run, catch, and even throw the ball on trick plays. 

ROUND 5, PICK 171: Erick All, TE, Iowa 

Nicknamed Tight End University for the multitude of elite tight ends that have gone on to play in the NFL, Iowa’s Erick All is a great option for the Chiefs.

While Travis Kelce is coming back for the 2024 season, and has stated he wants to play at least 2 more seasons, looking to the future, drafting a young TE and having him learn under Kelce would be a great idea to create a new weapon for Mahomes to throw to. Learning from the best receiving TE in NFL history,

All could easily be developed into a solid option for Mahomes, as well as a good blocker. 

So, what are your predictions? Share them with us in the comments or join our conversation on Twitter (now X).

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