Secret Kansas City Book Review

Secret Kansas City Book

Author Anne Kniggendorf has written the ultimate guide to Secret Kansas City including the weird, wonderful and obscure. The book shares more than 80 places to visit and the stories behind these lesser-known Kansas City attractions. The book includes bizarre stories, interesting facts, a lot of history, and oddball places to explore in the City …

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Missouri Day Trips by Theme Book Review

Missouri Day Trips by Theme by Brian Blair book review. Discover Missouri's most unique attractions.

Late Spring through early fall is the perfect time to explore more of Missouri. Author Brian Blair has the ideal road trip guide to the best Missouri Day Trips. The book is organized by themes and focuses on outdoor adventure, Missouri caves, family fun, history & culture, the Ozarks, Civil War sites, the best wineries, …

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66 Funny Mark Twain Quotes

66 Funny Mark Twain quotes

Our Mark Twain quotes feature the beloved Missouri-born author at his absolute best. We’ve chosen our favorite funny Mark Twain quotes to put a smile on your face and to contemplate how timeless his words are even today. Growing up in the Show-Me State of Missouri had a definite impact on Mark Twain’s life experiences …

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